About Us

Meaning to Live Freely & Love Freely

 The Land Of Bekagage is creatively encouraging Self Love, Freedom, Healing and Uniqueness through handmade & One of a Kind eccentric fashion and accessories as well as self love and healing physical and digital kits. 

90% of our clothing is one of a kind 1 of 1 making each item unique and special to the purchaser

Our Jewelry is all one of a kind no item can be recreated.

Our Activewear and T-shirt Prints are unique to our brand made in house. 

One woman operated for the last Five years, and I put my heart, soul and energy in everything located in this shop. Please enjoy, feel inspired sending healing and prosperity your way.


The Land of Bekagage is a retail/lifestyle brand for the free, the creative, the wild, the healing, the spiritual, the people that judge less and live more all things love and healing.

The Land of Bekagage (Me) is here to help you on your life journey


Welcome to the Land of Bekagage the Free Run Free Here 

Email:Thelandofbekagage@gmail.com for questions