About Us

Meaning to Live Freely & Love Freely


The Land Of Bekagage inspires, liberates and encourage humans how to love and heal  themselves freely through handmade artistic fashion and accessories as well as spiritual healing products like self love baths, sage and crystals.



The Fashion Collections are full of one of a kind statement pieces like jackets & pants with hints of embroidery,chic hippie,custom prints, inspiring T-shirt designs,  vintage reconstruct ,earthy vibes, glam and eccentric accessories like hand made one of a kind copper jewelry with stones and unique one of kind handmade bags.

All designed by me


Spiritual healing Baths and products focusing on Self Love , Healing & Prosperity.


Self Love & Meditation Workshops,Support Group, & Inspiration for humans tackling life and breaking generational curses.


This brand is for the free, the creative, the wild , the healing, the spiritual, the people that judge less and live more all things love, light and healing.

Welcome to the Land of Bekagage the Free Run Free Here