The Creator Story


 I’ve always  been a Ioving person and a creative person. Every assessment test I would take based on your traits will always have me spilt from being a person who should go into helping people or a person that’s a highly creative person at that time I didn’t really understand how I could be creative and help someone at the same time.


I graduated from The Art Institute of California Hollywood with my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management. I chose a fashion business degree because being creative was a gift I naturally have that can’t be taught. I chose The Art Institute because I also new I would fit in more at a creative school instead of a more traditional school and my spirit was to free to go for a psychology major at that time. I graduated with my business name being just Bekagage a word I created myself with the meaning to Live freely Love freely.


I got my first sewing machine my first year of college my grandmother bought it for me which I still use to this day. I started to create a new collection each year  allot of trail and error figuring out my style and what I like to design.  I’ve participated in fashion shows and creative production from all perspectives of production modeling, fashion designer, production crew and PhotoShoots.

I’ve relaunched my brand to many times that I could remember through out the years I just always felt something was missing. I didn’t even sell to many pieces but l knew this is what I want to do for life but always searching for what I felt was missing.


Three years ago to date I went through something very tragic in my life. At one point I even felt like this world would be better without me in it. I’ve struggled with depression for many years before this incident and I just believed at that time I reached the point of no return like this was the last straw for me because two years before that I had my daughter and experienced domestic violence two years later I thought my life started to look better but went through yet another hard tragedy from losing my apartment, love, my mind  and my finances I felt like I was put and yet another hard position in life. Looking at my daughter and finally facing myself  inspired me to search for help and l felt traditional methods couldn’t help me. I found old traditions of my ancestors like crystal healing ,meditation and prayer lastly started finding myself and really understanding the meaning of self love. It turned out to be a very healing experience for me and continues to be which have brought me into one of my purposes of life. I finally found away I can be creative and help people at the same time .


My brand was soon renamed The Land of Bekagage because I feel my brand is bigger then just a clothing brand which I added crystals and copper jewelry, hosting meditation classes and me sharing encouraging words and my story things that can provide healing and inspiration the same way it did for me. The  Land of Bekagage it’s a lifestyle it’s a place I really want to create and bring to life a safe space a healing space a creative space.

Welcome to The Land of Bekagage the free run free here  

Let’s continue to heal and grow together.