The Goddess Set 5 pendants

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One of a Kind 5 pc pendant Set 

These Pendants was hand crafted to be unique and one of a kind in design you will be the only one in the world with this item. Each Stone was hand selected.


Materials Used:

Copper Wire stimulates energy flow and enhance

Amethyst -Protection,  Abundance, Energy Balancer

Serpentine-  Abundance in all areas, healing

Moss Agate encourage new beginnings, abundance and creativity 

Rose Quartz-Encourage Self Love, Healing of the Heart, Love attraction 

Tigers Eye : Grounding, Motivation Happiness

Unakite- Healing of the heart and mind Third Eye energy Stone 

Peach Moonstone- Loving Energy,Emotional Support 



Every pendant radiates unique energy but upon receiving you can set your own intentions.

“Long Life and Prosperity to its owner”