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This Self Love Digital Starter Pack comes with The Self Love cheat sheet, 7 Days with Self Guide  & 31 Days with Self  Guide plus 31 Day access to the Days with Self daily inspiration & Affirmation group and 31 Day access to You Are Not alone Soulship with me l know times get hard and sometimes you feel like you have nobody to talk to or share things with so l will be that soul friend during this time via telegram lm here to listen, give advice from my prospective & send encouraging words l come from a non judge mental place l done allot seen allot nobody is perfect only human.(this service will vary from person to person do to me personalizing experience from person to person. 

Note: The Self Love Starter Kit are for those just starting there journeys or for those that don’t know how to start there self love journey.  

It’s no right or wrong way to self love so Be kind to yourself. 

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