The Creator Story

The Creator Story

My name is Simone l'm from Richmond, Ca. I had to fight for everything that l am today creatively and spiritually it was hardly any resources ,encouragement  wisdom from the people around me for the things l practice today and the things l'm trying to do creatively and spiritually . If your reading this never give up everything l been through has led me to this path.


I graduated from The Art Institute of California Hollywood with my BA in Fashion Marketing and Management. I chose a fashion business degree because being creative was a gift l naturally had. I chose The Art Institute because l also new l would fit in more at a creative school instead of a more traditional school and my spirit was to free to go for a psychology major at that time. I graduated with my business name being just Bekagage a word l created myself with a meaning to Live freely Love freely. The heart continued to call me forward with many life lessons growing me into the woman l am today so not only am I creative l am a healer and my purpose in life is to help people so lm using all my gifts the most high gave me to reach as many people as l can.


The Break Through 

Three years ago to date l went through something very tragic in my life. At one point l even felt like this world would be better without me in it. I’ve struggled with depression for many years before this incident and l just believed at that time l reached the point of no return like this was the last straw for me because two years before that l had my daughter and experienced domestic violence two years later l thought my life started to look better but went through yet another hard tragedy from losing my apartment, love, my mind  and my finances l felt like l was put and yet another hard position in life. Looking at my daughter and finally facing myself  inspired me to search for help and l felt traditional methods couldn’t help me. l focused on crystal healing ,meditation and  manifesting/prayer lastly started finding myself and loving myself. It turned out to be a very healing experience for me which have brought me into one of my purposes of life. I finally found away l can be creative and help people at the same time . 


The Land of Bekagage is creatively making healing and loving yourself apart of your everyday lifestyle.


The Land of Bekagage is a retail/lifestyle brand for the free, the creative, the wild , the healing, the spiritual, the people that judge less and live more all things love and healing. 

The Land of Bekagage (Me) is here to help you on your life journey 


Welcome to The Land of Bekagage the Free run Free here. 


Let’s continue to heal and grow together.